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Imagine Science Films

In the News

Printed Media Coverage

Date Publication Author Description
07/22/12 El Diario Silvina Sterin Pensel From the microscope to the screen: Alexis Gambis speaks about science and film
11/04/10 Nature, Vol. 468 Carl Zimmer Learning to Love Science Films
10/13/11 New York Times Rachel Lee Harris The Science of Movies? A Film Festival Judges Just That
01/19/11 Irish Times Dick Ahlstrom UCD backs film festival devoted to science
10/10/10 Discover Emily Elert Film: Imagine Science Film Festival
04/10/10 Jetwings International Maria Giovanna New York, New York
2/12/10 Science, Vol. 327 Martin Enserink Lights! Camera! Science?
12/04/09 Science, Vol. 326 Cat Bohannon, et al. Science Goes Hollywood
10/22/09 The Epoch Times Joe Bendel Sundance Winner Featured at Science Film Festival
10/19/09 The New Yorker Above and Beyond: Imagine Science Film Festival
10/10/09 NewScientist Sex, flies & videotape
5/09/09 Discover Andrew Grant Hot Science: The Best of Science Culture This Month
10/08/09 Natural Selections Alexis Gambis The Imagine Science Film Festival – “Science in Fiction”
10/22/08 New York Daily News Elizabeth Weitzman Alex Rivera’s Sleep Dealer at ISFF
10/10/08 Village Voice Eudie Pak NYC Best of 2008:
Getting the facts out on camera
10/8/08 Nature Jascha Hoffman Science at the movies
9/26/08 Rockefeller University Announcement: Rockefeller hosts first ISFF
8/08/08 Natural Selections Kate Jeffrey Accessibility of science through narrative film (PDF)
2/14/08 Nature Juan Carlos Lopez Kate Jeffrey, Nature Medicine editor and ISFF coordinator

Web Coverage

Date Publication Author Description
8/14/2013 The University of Chicago Library News Crerar Science Enter the Imagine Science Film Awards
4/26/2013 Slice of SciFi Summer Brooks Imagine Science Satellite Film Festival: Quito, Ecuador
12/2012 Motherboard Michael Byrne Making Science Films Popular: A Chat With Alexis Gambis of the Imagine Science Film Festival
11/07/2012 Nature The 5th Imagine Science Film Festival
07/23/12 Feature Interviews in IFTN Irish Film & Television Network Future of Film Under The Microscope At UCD Imagine Science Film Festival
07/04/12 Ambassade de France en Irlande Embassy of France in Dublin UCD Imagine Science Film Festival Opening Night Film
02/01/12 Make:(zine) Nick Normal Submit Your Film for the Imagine Science Film Festival
10/19/11 Scientific American Krystal D’Costa Imagine Science Film Festival Lineup Announced
10/13/11 New York Times Rachel Lee Harris The Science of Movies? A Film Festival Judges Just That
10/11/11 Hunffington Post Scott Barry Kaufman Imagine Science Film Festival Fosters Collaboration Between Scientists and Filmmakers
10/7/11 Studio 360 (WNYC) Jessica Benko Imagine Science Film Festival
7/1/11 The City of New York Mayor’s Office of Film Theatre & Broadcasting Call for Submissions for the Imagine Science Film Festival
6/11/11 Nature Imagine Science Film Festival 2011
11/17/10 BBC Synaesthesia animator wins international award
10/15/10 The Benshi Randy Olson Praise for ISFF 2010 from Scientist-turned-filmmaker Randy Olson
10/15/10 NYU Local Jenn Pelly An Interview With Imagine Science Films Founder Alexis Gambis
10/15/10 National Geographic Brad Scriber Six Short Science-y Films That May Make You Smarter
10/13/10 Motherboard Michael Byrne Q&A: ISFF Founder Alexis Gambis On Art Coming Correct With Science
10/11/10 NPR: Science Friday Katherine Wells Imagining Science Through Film
10/08/10 Citizen Science:
Bard College
Kate Seip Meet a Citizen Scientist – Alexis
01/07/10 The Benshi Randy Olson The Director of Sizzle praises the ISFF
11/15/09 Nerdabout New York Heather Quinlan Alexis Gambis on the intersection of science and movies, and how one can enhance the other
10/23/09 Discovery Jennifer Ouellette Hey Mr. Spaceman
10/15/09 BioTechniques Colleen Smith 2009 Imagine Science Film Festival kicks off
10/10/09 Terra King ISFF New York City, Oct 15-24
8/24/09 Nature: New York Blog Barry Hudson The Imagine Science Film Festival; to boldly go where no festival has gone before
8/6/09 MovieMaker Magazine Elissa Suh Imagine Science Film Festival’s Science of Cinema
8/3/09 AAAS Edward W. Lempinen Science Join Partnership with NYC’s Imagine Science Film Festival
8/4/09 New York Hall of Science Press release: the Hall named partnering venue for ISFF 2009
7/31/09 The Newbie Yorker Robin Kilmer “The Not Odd Couple: Alexis Gambis Unites Science and Film”
5/30/09 MovieMaker Festival listings
5/29/09 Nature Barry Hudson Imagine Science Films Festival Party in New York
5/29/09 Lab Manager Magazine® Monitor “Submit Your Film”
5/29/09 Nature Network New York Blog Barry Hudson ISFF 2009 Fundraiser on June 26th
4/26/09 Discover Andrew Grant Sleep Dealer at the 2008 ISFF
4/21/09 Vimeo Staff Blog Daniel Hayek ISF and Vimeo team up for Online Video Contests
3/19/09 Yale Graduate School News and Events Alternative Careers for Ph.D.’s: Science and the Media panel featuring Alexis Gambis
3/18/09 Nature Caryn Shechtman Naturally Obsessed with this Film…
3/2/09 Mayor’s Office of Film, Theater & Broadcasting Call for submissions by local NYC film festivals
2/23/09 ScienceBlogs: Living the Scientific Life GrrlScientist ISFF 2009 call for films and A Fruit Fly in NY
2/20/09 Nature Network Imagine Science Films Special Screenings
2/17/09 Discover Magazine, The Loom Carl Zimmer Attention All Aspiring Science Filmmakers
2/12/09 Talking Science Alexis Gambis TalkingScience Presents Science 2.0 at Yale
2/10/09 Secret Science Club Blogspot Secret Science Club Call for film submissions
2/4/09 BioTechniques Colleen M. Smith Imagine Science Film Festival 2009
1/13/09 Scienceline Carina Storrs Profile of ISF Founder Alexis Gambis
12/21/08 Discover, The Loom Carl Zimmer Zimmer chats with Alexis Gambis about movies and science
11/13/08 Feminist Press: Under the Microscope Neda Afsarmanesh Where Art and Science Connect on Film
11/10/08 TalkingScience Karen A. Frenkel Interview with The Wormhole director, Jessica Sharzer
11/4/08 TalkingScience various Reviews of ISFF movies
10/31/08 Tamara Krinsky Paul Devilin’s Blast!
10/27/08 TalkingScience Talia Page Review of Fermat’s Room
10/29/08 National Math and Science Initiative Blog Rena Pederson Blast! Screening at ISFF
10/21/08 io9 Alex Carnivale Mad scientists and ISFF
10/19/08 IMDB Habitacion de Fermat (Dr. Fermat’s Room) and film release info
10/18/08 New School Imagine Science Film Festival Premiere
10/17/09 Cine Latino en Nueva York Christian Del Moral Fermat’s Room
10/15/08 New York Academy of Sciences Science in Fiction: Imagine Science Film Festival Kickoff!
10/15/08 io9 Charlie Jane Anders Dropping the Weird Science, New York Style
10/14/08 The Gothamist Jen Carlson Alexis Gambis Q&A with Alexis Gambis on ISFF
10/13/08 Secret Science Club ISF and A Night of Avant-Guarde Films
10/10/08 Medical Museion Blog A Biometric Tale
10/10/08 Science News Imagine Science Film Festival
10/7/08 BioTechniques Colleen Smith Breaking News: Imagine Science Film Festival
10/3/08 Independent Magazine Paul Devlin Paul Devlin talks about Blast!
10/2/08 ScienceBoom Michael Doig Imagine Science Film Festival, NYC – October 16-25
9/27/08 ISFF kickoff with panel discussion led by Science Friday’s Ira Flatow
09/08/08 Natural Selections: Rockefeller University Newsletter Kate Jeffrey The Imagine Science Film Festival: Where science meets film
Fall 2008 CUNY Graduate Center Blast! The Movie at ISFF
Fall 2008 Bronx High School of Science Premiere of ISFF
8/23/08 EasternBlot Eva ISFF in NYC and A Fruit Fly in NY
4/27/08 Uncertain Principles Chad Orzel A Pro-Science Film Festival: Why Not?

TV, Podcasts, & Radio

Date Publication Author Description
07/17/12 RTE Junior Louise Denvir Impressions from Irish kids after the screening of Science For Nanos; listen online here
07/06/12 RTE Radio Mooney Goes Wild Richard Collins went along with producer, Olan McGowan cover opening night and screening of Fermat’s Room; listen online here
07/05/12 RTE: Morning Ireland RTE Cedric Villiani (mathematician) and Vincent McCarthy (curator, ESOF12); listen online here
09/30/11 Science Friday (NPR) Ira Flatow SciFri announces the festival; listen online here
10/23/10 tv10/55: News at Eleven Richard Rose Interview with Alexis Gambis and Emily Driscoll
03/02/10 Skepticality Podcast with Swoopy Segment with Alexis Gambis; listen online here
10/23/08 Science & The City NY Academy of Science Podcast of ISFF Opening Nite panel discussion; listen online here
10/20/08 Bloomberg Radio Charlie Pellett Interview with Alexis Gambis; listen online here
10/14/08 Niteshift, WBAI Mike Surgant Life is like Science Fiction: Mike Surgant interviews Alexis Gambis